Your local source for design, machining, and system integration.
Quality CAD to CAM Systems​

Can't find the drawing?

Can't get an OEM part quick enough?

Need an automation solution?



We work one-on-one with individuals and small companies seeking design, prototyping, or repair services.




  We service larger scale needs for tooling, fixturing, maintenance parts, and material handling solutions.

Supply Chain


We produce parts with guaranteed consistency and quality whether you need 1 or 1000.

Why choose DMG?

DMG is dedicated to keeping a strong manufacturing presence in Ohio.


  • Serving West Central Ohio since 2009

  • Experience with local automotive industry

  • In-house engineering and CAD support

  • Flexible processes for small and medium volume jobs

  • Advanced tools for CNC milling, turning, and EDM wire cutting

  • In-house welding and heat treating

  • 12,000 square feet available for assembly of large projects

  • Member of Logan County Chamber of Commerce